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Experiences at Villa Urvinkhan

Private Events
Hindu Wedding-Private events

Escape to paradise Experience luxury at our Chikmagalur resort

At the deepness of the forest, Villa Urvinkhan offers an array of eye opening experiences.


Explore life in a coffee plantation. 

Villa Urvinkhan
Rameshwara Temple Ceremony
Dining High Tea for private events


Situated near Niduvale, and hugged by hills, Villa Urvinkhan  is a coffee estate gateway, to a rugged wonderland of diversity and discovery. 

Our landscape and its network of trails, lead you to sweeping panoramas, fishing spots, and hidden lakes. Not to mention the wildlife around -  which makes you feel at one with nature and revel in its beauty.

Discover the ancient heritage of  the 19th-century coffee estate.​

Experience serenity: Our resort in Chikmagalur offers stunning views of nature.

Villa Urvinkhan Fishing Activity


At Villa Urvinkhan you'll find a number of unique and private locations across the  property, to host events of any nature. Fancy an exquisite lakeside dinner, or a sundowner on the pool deck with a breath-taking view. Maybe a brunch amidst lush gardens, colourful flowers, and forests of trees, or an intimate gathering inside our restaurant.


We encourage our guests who have events, to create memories, put together their own agenda, and make sure every day or night spent here - is one well spent.

Villa Urvinkhan Events
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